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4 Ways to Get Shoppers’ Attention with Creative and Complete Packaging Solutions

Walk down any grocery store, and you’ll be greeted with shelf after shelf of different products. If you’re a business owner, making your merchandise stand out can seem like a daunting task. How do you catch the attention of busy customers? The answer is through outstanding complete packaging solutions.

How to Get Shoppers’ Attention

Even without the specialized equipment, manpower, and materials that packaging requires, you can easily acquire complete packaging solutions through the services of a contract packaging company. Understanding the elements of great packaging will give you a better idea of what you want for your product as you work with these packaging specialists.

Send a simple and clear message

“Less is more” is a classic and proven packaging mantra. With so many options to choose from, shoppers simply do not have the time or patience for excessive images and information on a package. Once you’ve defined your unique selling point (USP), your co-packer will be better equipped to create complete packaging solutions that feature your USP perfectly.

Make it interactive

A lot of co-packers offer contract packaging services that are incredibly customized. Therefore, make sure that you show your customers what they’re paying for through your packaging. For instance, ask for your package to have small windows to show what’s inside. You can even go for cut-outs that will allow them to touch or smell your product. Even gorgeous photography will go a long way to engage your customers while showcasing your merchandise.

Know who you’re selling to

No matter how good-looking your packaging may be, it won't work unless it's tailored to your product market. For example, sleek, black tones won't be very attractive to kids who love bright colors and fun designs. Likewise, some adults might not find the cartoon-loaded packaging to be appealing. Discuss your target carefully with your contract packaging company. Their specialists on contract packaging services will have a lot of expertise on the matter, ensuring that you get the right packaging for your audience.

Create an experience

Packaging should not be a mere vessel for your merchandise; it should play a major role in the whole product experience. For example, opening your box can lead to a special, brightly-colored message inside. Your package might feature a pop-up window that gives users a delightful surprise. Pushing the boundaries can work wonders to set you apart from all of your competition out there.

Clearly, packaging is as integral to your sales as the product itself. Companies are battling left and right to catch that elusive shopper attention, so you’ve got to be ready to stand out in a sea of competition.

Today, you don’t need to have your own packaging equipment and staff to get brilliant packaging. Outsourcing to co-packers is often the smarter way to go about this part of your manufacturing process no matter how big your company may be. Not only are co-packers well-versed in the technical aspects of packaging, but they are also up-to-date with the latest packaging design trends to help you create a knock-out package for your product.
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