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6 Facebook Advertising Strategy Hacks to Supercharge Your Campaign

If you’ve been using Facebook to spearhead your digital marketing ventures, then you probably have a go-to Facebook advertising strategy; one that has helped you go head to head with your competitors and carve out a niche for your brand. You relied on this ad strategy from the beginning of your Facebook campaigns, and it has never let you down.

But what if it starts failing you?

The thing about Facebook ad campaigns that many business owners overlook is that they’re launched on a very dynamic platform. Industry and social media trends are always changing. What’s considered as the Facebook ads best practices today probably won’t have the same powerful impact tomorrow.

If you seldom update your Facebook advertising strategy, then it’s not surprising that it’ll lose some of its effectivity.

6 Facebook Advertising Strategy Hacks to Intensify Your Campaigns 

Keep your brand on top of the competition. Enhance your Facebook advertisement practices with the optimization hacks below.

➊ Define your target audience
Establish your target market’s demographics. What are their interests, age group, gender, location, and occupation or job roles? Then, whenever you post a Facebook ad, fill up as much as you can when you go through the audience’s details section. It’ll help you reach out to your target audience better.

➋ Know your target audience
Know your target market not only by their demographics (their age group, location, time zone, etc.) but by their purchasing behaviour as well. Go beyond typical customer relationship management databases and tap into Facebook’s ad resources. Get insights extracted from various loyalty programs and more.

➌ Prioritize sales over clicks
Don’t make Facebook vanity metrics, such as video views and post clicks, the basis of your campaign’s success. Deeming an ad was a flop, then revising and reposting it only for it to produce “empty” engagement,” can do more harm than good to your campaign. So, instead of stressing over your clicks, focus more on your sales. Run split tests to determine what sort of ads are more likely to get a warm reception.

➍ Use unique and compelling ads
Create original and interesting content. This advice remains as one of the Facebook ads best practices that you can employ today. Don’t just use your ad to introduce your product or service. Tell a story that you’re target audience can’t ignore.

➎ Schedule your ads
Here’s the thing: Facebook ad performance varies depending on the day(s) you’re running them. Pay attention to your metrics. Put up your ads on the times that you get the most user engagement.

➏ Consider your competitors
Conduct competitive analysis to get to know the preferences of your competitors’ audience. Use your data results to enhance your own ad campaigns. Make it so that you can meet the needs of specific clients. Let your ads show why your products and/or solutions are the best.

Things to Consider When Updating Your Facebook Ad Practices

Before you drop your current Facebook advertising strategy and take up the hacks mentioned above, consider the following points.

✅ You don’t have to change your Facebook campaign strategy completely.
Examine your Facebook ad’s stats and data. When did the decline start? What were you posting on your pages around that period? Did you tweak your ad campaign style or schedule? Find out the answers to these questions. Your findings will tell you if you need to change your ad approach completely or if you just need to adjust some parts of your original Facebook ad strategy.

 You have to be patient.
Don’t expect great results days or weeks after implementing your new or improved strategy. Most business owners expect an immediate positive impact on their sales. Then, when they don’t get the results they want, they go back to their previous practices. Don’t be one of them. Be patient. Consult a social media optimization specialist to get a rough estimate of when you‘ll be able to feel the effects of your strategy change.

✅ You can get expert help.
Not up to studying Facebook ad optimization for your business? Consider securing expert assistance. Letting a specialist take the reins of your Facebook campaigns will allow you to focus on the other aspects of your business.

Give your Facebook ad campaigns the exposure they deserve. Use the Facebook ads best practices above to supercharge your Facebook advertisement approach.
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