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Perks of Hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Time and money are critical when it comes to real estate dealings. You need to be fast, smart, and cost-effective with your ventures if you want to succeed. If you’re not up to hiring in-house assistants, consider hiring a realestate virtual assistant (VA) instead.
Here’s a list of advantages that you or your business can get from securing real estate virtual assistant services.

1.      Save time

Conserve a lot of time by hiring real estate VAs. Give them your more time-consuming tasks so that you can focus more on the ones that require your personal attention.

2.     Save money

Hiring a real estate virtual assistant takes a lot of expenses off the table. Curious? Here’s a list of what those expenses are:

·         Payroll taxes – Unless the contract you signed with them requires you to do so, you won’t be the one responsible for filing and paying their taxes. VAs usually take care of their own taxes.

·         Insurance and other employee benefits – Unlike with in-house employees, you don’t need to arrange insurance, health, and other benefits for a VA.

·         Overtime, sick, vacation and holiday pay – VAs work virtually, which means two things: they know how to manage their time well, and you’re not obliged to pay them extra for working overtime or during the holidays.

·         Administrative expenses – There’s no pressure on you to arrange and pay for company outings and other recreational activities for your VA.

·         Office expansion and equipment acquisition – Since VAs provide services remotely, you don’t need to make space for them in your office or provide the tools and equipment they need to work.

3.     Get expert assistance 

You don’t hire real estate VAs who know little or nothing about the task you’re going to give them. You hire real estate VAs that are experienced and experts in their field. The learning curve that usually takes days or weeks with in-house employees is significantly shorter with VAs. Just give them clear instructions.

4.    Reduce workload

Did you know that hiring a real estate VA can cut back your weekly workload by at least 25 hours? 25 hours’ worth of stress lifted off your shoulders, 25 hours that you can spend developing your business (instead of just maintaining it) or promoting your relationships.

5.     Promote work flexibility

Most real estate VAs offer flexible scheduled services. Depending on the contract, they could assist you on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis. Some even offer “on-call” work services. So, if you think your current VA isn’t performing up to your standards, you can easily replace them.

Another perk of hiring a real estate VA is you get extra help on short notice. You can get assistance during the weekends, the evenings, and peak activity period. The fast turnaround time in terms of quotas or outputs is also a huge perk.

Don’t be so quick to dismiss virtual assistance as just another fad. Consider the benefits that you’ll get before you get real estate virtual assistant services.  

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