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How to Be an Instant Online Celebrity

Online celebrities are a hit today. With the salience of the Internet and social media, it is now easy to be an instant celebrity.

Perhaps you have already heard the song “Gangnam Style” featuring the Korean pop singer Park Jae-sang, more popularly known as PSY. It became an online sensation in 2012 when it gained eight million views on YouTube in just two weeks. (3 Billion as of today)

Felix Baumgartner, for instance, became a YouTube sensation when he reached the live stream record with the most-watched streaming event in history. He jumped from the Earth’s stratosphere, 24 miles above the planet.

Who can forget the controversial cover of Time magazine featuring Jamie Lynne Grumet breastfeeding her four-year-old son? The cover instantly trended across all social networks. It garnered both admirations and criticisms from netizens. (Read full details here)

Indeed, social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter now dominate even the world of entertainment.

Are you aspiring to be a celebrity but opportunities are hard to come by? Through social media optimization and search engine optimization, you can be the next big star.

How to be the next online sensation

    Show off your craft

    The first thing you have to consider is your niche. What areas do you excel? Are you good at painting? Singing? Dancing? Maybe you are into photography, and the world is just waiting for you to upload your shots. Do you like writing about your trips? Poems? Movie reviews?

    Know where you are good at and find ways how you can tweak your concepts to make your craft unique and fresh to your target audience. Think of something new that will easily capture people’s attention. Make sure that your works reflect your personality (or your “brand”). When people see photos or hear songs, they would know that those are yours.

    Be active online

    Make your presence felt online. Join online communities and engage in threads. You can also update your followers by posting photos and narratives about your experiences, travels or covers. If you are good in painting, post pictures of your finished outputs. This will pave the way for people to discover your creations.

    There are web development companies that offer social media management to help increase your followers and page views.

    • They are knowledgeable in reaching your target audience.
    • They can promote your page in various online communities.
    • They know how to create shareable and engaging content.

    Create a blog

    Having social media accounts is not enough. You should strive to make your own platform to freely express your ideas and customize your site's appearance.

    Web development companies also offer affordable SEO services that can help drive your online presence. All you need to do is to focus on your craft and let them handle the technical aspect. SEO services can:
    • increase the traffic of your website;
    • make your blog top search engine rankings when people search for keywords that are relevant to your craft;
    • provide you with keywords/phrases that you can incorporate into your textual content; and
    • add links that lead people to your site.

    Engage with others

    If you have a target audience in mind—say, for example, you want your favorite writer Lang Leav to discover your poems—follow them on social media. You can tag them your posts so they would notice you. If they like your post, they might even do you the honor of sharing it with their followers.  You did not just get the attention of a famous person; you also gained followers.

    Having influencers in your craft to back you up can make your online presence more visible. Moreover, avoid engaging in arguments. Though they say that bad publicity is still publicity, do not go for it. You want people to have a good impression about you. Never mind the bashers; use their opinion to develop your skills.

    Keep up with the latest trends

    Though it is important to hone your craft, you also have to consider what people would like to see. Take time to know about the latest trends. You can:
    • subscribe to contemporary blogs;
    • utilize social news sites such as Reddit, Hacker News and Product Hunt; and
    • set up a Google Alert to receive text messages and e-mails about your preferred keywords.

Through web and social media, making a name for yourself has become easier—one click away. The challenge is how to stand out among a million hopefuls who are utilizing the same platform. Thus, strive to offer something new and unique with every post.

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