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Dos and Don'ts of Using Stock Photos in Web Content

The best way to enhance your web content is by using original high-quality photos. However, not everyone can spare the time, money, and effort required to produce custom photos regularly. This is where stock photography comes into play.

Using stock photos is the efficient and cost-friendly solution to finding high-quality imagery. With just a few clicks, you can find the perfect photo to complement your web content. If you want to use stock photos, however, it is critical that you know how to choose and apply them properly. Read on to learn the dos and don’ts of using stock photos.

  • Do use stock photos that go well with your web content.
    The images you use must complement your web content. If you cannot find a stock photo that corresponds to your content, look for images that loosely match your article’s message.
  • Don’t use stock photos that your audience cannot relate to.
    You are not using stock photos correctly if your target audience cannot understand their connection to their respective web contents. So, make sure your images are either relevant to your industry or familiar to users from different backgrounds.
  • Do alter stock photos to fit your web content. 
    Check your stock photo agency’s rules about image modification first before doing this. Be creative when altering stock photos. You can crop out inessential portions, add captions, or apply a filter.
  • Don’t add stock photos just for the sake of adding an image to your web content.
    Inserting random and irrelevant stock photos to your content devalues their impact and credibility. So, make sure your stock photos complement your content. 
  • Do have someone go over your finished work.   
    An excellent way to ensure your stock photo matches your web content is by having someone look over your final output. If they have trouble understanding the connection of the image to the content, then you may have to change your stock photo.
  • Don’t use random photos you find on the Internet.
    Stock photo application does not work that way. To gain access to quality images, you have to secure a plan from a stock photo provider like Shutterstock.
  • Do use new and well-designed stock photos.
    This reduces the chances of you using stock photos that someone else already used. Selecting new and well-designed images also makes it less obvious that you are using stock photos.
  • Don’t use generic fake-looking stock photos.
    Be critical when selecting stock photos. Using images that scream “stock photo” (e.g., pictures of abstract 3D figures, idea light bulbs, and people in weird settings) shows that you either have poor creative judgment, or are just too lazy to find a picture that will match your content better.

Stock photos can make or break your web content. They can be the reason why users stay and read your content, or they can be the reason why users dismiss your web page after a glance. Use them strategically. Consider these dos and don’ts when you incorporate stock photos to your online campaigns.

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